How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

Our extensive online knowledge base is available via the help icon from within the application. 
Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics and Analytics 365 Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams provides visibility of Teams collaboration and Teams call analytics to help your organization manage remote teams, improve performance and customer satisfaction. 

Sign up to Collaboration Analytics and/or Call Analytics in 2 simple steps outlined below. (It is also possible to sign up to Collaboration Analytics via a certified partner by contacting your Microsoft service provider.)

Step 1: Choose an Analytics 365 application and select your plan 
Find the app in the Microsoft Marketplace (AppSource or Azure) and follow the Microsoft Journey to select your plan and provide your billing information.
For best results and the most complete dashboards, allocate licenses to all members of the organization whose information needs to be included in dashboards. 
Enter the following details:
  1. Select the region to store your Analytics 365 activity.
  2. Enter your Microsoft Administrator ID (email address). Details on how to complete set up will be sent to this address. A copy can also be sent to an alternative email address.
Step 2: The Microsoft administrator needs to complete set up
Checking that you have set up Microsoft 365 groups according to Microsoft guidelines will help you get the most out of your app. Please read our checklist for Microsoft administrators for more information.

The Microsoft 365 administrator is sent an automatically-generated email during the sign up process requesting permission to collect usage information from Microsoft Teams. Once authorization has been granted and Analytics 365 has synchronized, you can begin using the app. (Synchronization typically takes 4-8 hours depending on Microsoft server availability and the size of your estate.)

When signing up to Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics:
Microsoft Administrators can choose permissions based on your data security policy. Permissions needed are to provide data on licensed Analytics 365 users are:
  1. Organization. Is enabled to access to basic user profiles in Microsoft 365. 
  2. Calls. Enable analytics on call events made.
  3. Messages. Enable access to provide general analytics only on messages sent. 
  4. Meetings. Enable to provide analytics on meetings.
Please note: disabling permissions will restrict the analytics displayed. 

Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics users can download the app in Teams and explore the app in demo mode while waiting for their Microsoft administrator to complete set up. 

A detailed product knowledgebase is available from within your application from the help icon in the top right of the screen.