Microsoft Permissions

Microsoft Permissions

Analytics 365 requires permission to collect data from your Microsoft account. 

Analytics 365 Call Analytics

Permissions needed for Call Analytics are:
  1. Access to call data
  2. Access to presence and incoming number data

Analytics 365 AI Powered Recording

Permissions needed for AI Powered Recording are those required to synchronize with Microsoft and to enable the recording interface.

Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics

Microsoft Administrators can choose permissions for Collaboration Analytics based on your organization's data security policy. Permissions needed to provide data on licensed users are:
  1. Organization. Is enabled to access basic user profiles in Microsoft 365. 
  2. Calls. Enable analytics on call events made.
  3. Messages. Enable access to provide general analytics only on messages sent. 
  4. Meetings. Enable to provide analytics on meetings.
Please note: disabling permissions will restrict the analytics displayed.