Collaboration Analytics FAQs

Collaboration Analytics FAQs

Set Up

Which Microsoft License do I need to run Collaboration Analytics?

Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics is available in Teams on any Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise license.

How long does it take Collaboration Analytics to synchronise with Microsoft 365?

On initial set up, synchronization with Microsoft 365 will typically take 4-8 hours depending on the size of your organization and the availability of the Microsoft server. Please be aware that larger organizations can take up to 24 hours. Thereafter, synchronization happens regularly.

How are time zones supported in Analytics 365?

Time zones within Microsoft 365 are synchronized with Analytics 365. User analytics are based on an individual’s Microsoft 365 time zone setting.


Can Collaboration Analytics be accessed before my Microsoft Administrator has granted permission for the app to synchronize with Microsoft Teams?

Yes. Firstly, download the Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics app in Teams. You will be given the option to explore the app in demo mode. Dashboards and cards in demo mode will be populated with sample data.

People in my organization are using Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics? Can I access it too?

Yes. Firstly, download the App in Teams. If you would like a license to view analytics for you and your team, please contact your administrator. 
To review the app using your organization’s current subscription without adding your own collaboration license, please request ‘reporting access’ from your administrator, alongside access to view analytics on a selection of licensed users.

Alternatively, to review the functionality of Collaboration Analytics, you can access the demo to review sample dashboards and cards. Simply access the App in Teams and click on the Demo link.


Can I share dashboard cards and dashboards with other people in my company?

Yes, you can simply click to copy an expiring URL link to any dashboard or card. The link can be shared with colleagues to view in a browser and will expire after 24 hours. Alternatively, dashboards can be scheduled to email on a regular basis. It is not yet possible to share a dashboard template, but dashboards are extremely easy to set up.

How quickly does Teams activity (chats, calls, messages, meeting attendance) refresh?

Synchronization is regular yet some dashboard cards may update ahead of others. We expect a full dashboard refresh to take minutes.

Can I choose who to report on?

Reporting access is managed by your Analytics 365 administrators. Please contact your administrator to review your permissions.

How is sentiment being scored and how accurate is it?

The chat sentiment score is provided by a Microsoft scoring service, rated as positive, neutral or negative. Collaboration Analytics uses the Azure Text Analytics API. This is a cloud-based service that provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) features for text mining and text analysis, including sentiment analysis, opinion mining, key phrase extraction, language detection, and named entity recognition. Collaboration Analytics only uses this API to provide sentiment analysis scoring.

Can reports be run on those who no longer have a collaboration analytics license?

If a user with a collaboration analytics license is made an Insights user, their historical Teams activity can be reported on with the appropriate permissions.

Why can't I see people in my team?

By default, in Collaboration Analytics you can see your Direct Reports. If you can't see your Direct Reports, speak to your Microsoft administrator as your organization's hierarchy may not be up to date within the Microsoft account.

If your Microsoft account is set up correctly and you still can't see your Direct Reports, please speak to your Analytics 365 administrator to check your permissions and license type. If you can't see the analytics on Teams or Channels that you are an owner or member of, ask your Analytics 365 administrator to check your permissions.

Why can I no longer see statistical data in my dashboard cards?

You will lose visibility of statistical data if there has been a change to your reporting access permissions or permissions have been revoked on a Call Queue, Team, group or on individuals.

Card data may also be incomplete if the license of a user that you have been reporting on has been downgraded from Collaboration to Insights. When this occurs, statistical data is not being collected and a warning triangle will be displayed on the card.

Please contact your administrator to check access and licenses. 

What do I need to do to report on my call queues?

A call queue has people associated with it to answer calls in the queue. In order to report on the call queue, the individuals associated must have a collaboration analytics license.

Privacy & Security

Can you tell me about the Analytics 365 Collaboration Analytics privacy and security policies?

Collaboration Analytics provides insights to understand employee Teams activity.  Collaboration Analytics does not have or provide access to personally identifiable information and we do not capture or retain messages. We provide trend analysis and insights from data that is already available to Microsoft administrators. For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

Where is my Teams activity stored and how long for?

Collaboration Analytics Teams activity is processed and stored in the Azure Cloud. Statistical data is analyzed from meetings, chat and calls using the Microsoft Graph API, following authorization of the app via the organization’s Microsoft 365 administrator. For an individual to be reported on, they must have a collaboration analytics license.

Statistical data is stored in your selected region (UK, USA or Australia) and held for a 12 month rolling period while a subscription is active. Statistical data is deleted within 30 days of an organization deactivating Collaboration Analytics, once billing ceases.

For Resellers

As an Analytics 365 certified reseller, can I have access to the app for demonstration purposes? 

Yes. If you have an inhouse system, you can access demo mode from the View My Dashboards page. Dashboards and cards in demo mode will be populated with sample data. 

How simple is it to set up a customer?

Analytics 365 synchronizes with your Microsoft 365 account and customers can be set up in minutes. Once you have allocated licenses in the store, all they need to do is enter their Microsoft Account Administrator details and download the app in Teams.

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