Checklist for Microsoft 365 Administrators

Checklist for Microsoft 365 Administrators

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Analytics 365 applications will import your organization's Microsoft 365 set up. Checking that you have set up Microsoft 365 groups according to Microsoft guidelines (see below) will help you get the most out of Analytics 365. 

Review your Microsoft 365 hierarchy
Check that your Microsoft 365 hierarchy is current and accurate. Add managers for every employee in the admin structure as Analytics 365 will use this information to populate the People directory and identify the organizational relationships. 

Add time zones to each employee
Setting time zones for all employees will make it possible to use the Time filter. 

Review your Dynamic Groups in Microsoft 365
Where Microsoft 365 Groups are in play, Analytics 365 will import all Microsoft 365 Groups including Microsoft 365 Groups (Teams), Distribution Groups, Security Groups, and Call Queues where Teams Calling is in play. 

Useful help links about Microsoft 365 Groups by Microsoft:
  1. Overview of Microsoft 365 Groups for super administrators
  2. Overview of dynamic membership for teams