Product Update: September 2022

Product Update: September 2022

Settings Profile Menu

Subscription Licenses and applying subscriptions via group policy (formerly Group inheritance) can now be managed by an administrator in the Profile window in Settings .

Settings Permissions Menu

Permissions have been separated into reporting access and admin access.

Reporting Access:
  1. App owner is now Super Admin.
  2. Team Owner is now Admin.
  3. Team Ownership permissions are now managed under Add additional people to My Reporting Network.
  4. None for no administration access is now No Admin.
Admin access is applied to people / teams or call queues. Changes are reflected in who you see in the People / Group / Call Queue categories in settings

Dashboards Menu

  1. Pin to top feature means that you can now pin your favourite cards to the top of the list in each category for quick access.
  2. Collaboration network card improvement: this card always displays one-to-one collaboration across calls, meetings and chat: High collaboration (5 mins) / Medium interaction (2-5mins) / Low interaction (less than 2mins). Collaboration time per day is calculated using duration of one-to-one calls, meetings and chat (5 secs per chat).
  3. One-to-One Trends card improvements: this card shows collaboration trends over time. One-to-one collaboration is calculated as above.
  4. New help icon on Dashboards page. Help link also contained on the Account page in Settings. 

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