Product Update: June 2022

Product Update: June 2022

New Licenses

Four new licenses have been introduced:
  1. Collaboration Analytics provides analytics for calls, meetings & messaging within Microsoft Teams
  2. Teams Calling provides analytics for phone calls when using Microsoft Teams Calling
  3. Collaboration Analytics + Teams Calling provides analytics for calls, meetings & messaging within Microsoft Teams plus analytics for phone calls when using Microsoft Teams Calling.
  4. Insights: A free dashboard for those that do not have reporting access or a paid subscription. Content changes monthly, delivering industry or business insights.

Introduction of New Cards

  1. Agent Activity by Queue: View the call activity of selected call queues including number of calls offered, answered and missed, as well as the average talk and answer times. Use this card to monitor call distribution across your business.
  2. Call Queue Overview: Shows percentage of scheduled meetings attended for selected People, Teams or Groups. Use this card to assess the well being and engagement by monitoring meeting participation.
  3. Call Queue Summary by Agent: Provides a summary of call queue activity by agent. See calls offered, answered and missed together with talk time and average talk time. Use this card to see and compare agent activity within a call queue.
  4. Call Queue Summary: This card provides a summary of phone call activity by call queue. See total calls broken down by calls answered, missed and unreturned. This card also details statistics for longest wait time, average answer time, calls answered and call quality. Use this card to get an overall view of call queues, then drill down on the detail using other Teams Calling cards.
  5. Call Summary by Group: See meetings and calls broken down by internal, external, audio, video and screen share, as well as time spent in meetings and on calls. Use this card to see call and meeting activity by Group.
  6. Call Volume Trends: Understand the number of calls answered and missed over a specified time period. Use this card to see call distribution and identify busy hours.
  7. List Calls by Call Queue: View call details for specified call queues including call status, duration, answer and talk times, and average call quality. Use this card to understand or compare call queue performance.
  8. List Calls by Agent: View call detail for specified agent including call status, duration, answer and talk times, and average call quality. Use this card to view or compare specified agents.
  9. List Missed Calls: View list of missed calls with detail including calling line identification, call queue, date, time and agent. Use this card to identify missed calls within a selected period.
  10. List Unreturned Missed Calls: View a list of missed calls that have not been returned by the caller or an agent. See call detail including date, time, call queue, and performance against target return time. Use this card to help agents to focus on returning missed calls.
  11. Management Style: Understand how specified managers interact with their direct reports. Use this card to view a manager’s interaction with their team.
  12. One-to-One Trends: View one-to-one activity broken down by talk time and chat. Use this card to monitor well being and level of engagement.
  13. One-to-One Overview: Detailed overview of how an individual splits their time across meetings, calls and messages, as well as between their line manager, direct reports and others. Use this card to analyse engagement and well being.
  14. Ring Time Trends: View the total answered and missed calls by ring time duration. Use this card to understand how long callers will wait before abandoning calls.
  15. Team Engagement: Provides a summary meeting and message activity as well as collaborators. Use this card to see levels of activity and engagement.
  16. Team Governance: Provides a detailed summary across all Teams selected. Use this card to identify owners and members, as well as reveal duplicates and inactive Teams.

Existing Card Improvements

  1. Message Comparison Card (Previously called Chat Comparison)
    1. Analytics on messages to people outside of the organisation have been added.
    2. Messages have now been broken down by chat, posts and replies. Use this card to see how users are using messaging across an organization including how many messages were sent while on a call.
  2. Collaboration Summary Card
    1. Analytics on Teams calls outside of the organisation have been added.
  3. Team Activity Card
    1. Analytics on Channels within Teams have been added.
  4. Call Summary by People Card
    1. Call Analytics on Teams calls have been added.
    2. Call Analytics on calls made within MS Teams to people outside of the organisation have been added.

Other Improvements

Dashboard Scheduling
  1. Dashboards and cards can now be scheduled. An email containing downloads of reports in CSV format will be sent.
Link Sharing
  1. The ability to share live links of dashboards and cards has been introduced. Any changes made to dashboards and cards will be automatically reflected in the shared link.
API Tokens
  1. API tokens will be created and can be used to access the APIs exposed by Analytics365 application.
Call Queue based Permission
  1. Target Return and Target Answer Times can now be set up in call queue settings.
System Requirements
  1. .NET Framework Version 4.7.2 for AppStore.
  2. .NET 5 for Analytics 365.

Content is subject to change without noti­fication. E&OE.
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