Message Cards Defined

Message Cards Defined

Call Summary by Group

View a summary of calls and meetings by group, broken down by audio/video meetings/calls and phone calls. Use this card to profile and compare group communication preferences for a selected date or date range. (Data: Phone calls, Team meetings and calls.)

Message Comparison

Compare messaging profiles of activity across selected people, by chat, posts, message replies and sentiment. Gain an understanding of the use of chat to external contacts and how often messaging is used when on meetings/calls. Use this card to understand how people engage using messaging, their overall sentiment and profile. (Data: Message type, external messages, sentiment score and messages whilst on a meeting/call.)

Message Sentiment %

Evaluate message sentiment across chat, posts and replies, presented as a positive, neutral or negative score. Use this card to monitor overall sentiment and wellbeing. (Data: Message sentiment score based on all chat, posts and replies.)

Message Sentiment by People

Compare message sentiment, presented as a positive, neutral or negative score, across people within a specified date range. Use this card to compare sentiment and wellbeing across selected people. (Data: Message sentiment score based on all chat, posts and replies.)
Review daily message trends for selected people, Teams or groups, summarising all messaging across chat, posts and replies. Use this card to review messaging trends when profiling engagement or assessing wellbeing. (Data: Messages (Chat, posts and replies.))


View a breakdown of reactions in messages (chat, posts and replies) for the selected individuals, groups or Teams. Use this card to understand sentiment through reactions across messages. (Data: Reactions across messages (chat, posts and replies.))

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