Manage Your Licenses

Manage Your Licenses

Analytics 365 User Licenses 

The following table outlines Analytics 365 licenses and their features.
Free Insights
Collaboration Analytics
Manage Analytics 365 administration
View other paid users' dashboards where permitted
Explore the app in demo mode
Native collaboration analytics with extensive permissions

Understand activity, collaboration and engagement within Teams

Review capacity, well-being and working habits

Monitor Teams and channels to introduce best-practice

Understand missed calls and meet service levels

Gain insight into call handling/agent activity to optimize call flows

Visibility of call queues and volumes, to improve response times

Integrated Teams calling and collaboration for a complete view

Enriched call metrics to display internal and external engagement

Video: Allocating Permissions to Subscribers

Managing your Licenses

If you purchased Analytics 365 from a partner, please refer to our billing overview for partners and their Customers page to learn more about how to manage your licenses. If you purchased your Analytics 365 subscription directly via a Microsoft marketplace or Teams Apps, then the section below will explain how to add and remove licenses.

Add Licences

Users with Super Admin permissions can add licenses from within the Analytics 365 app under Settings > People > Subscription. Select Edit Subscriptions and add the required number of licenses in the Your Subscription section. Once added, licenses can then be assigned to users. Super Administrators can also opt to automatically increase license allocation from within the Account settings of the app. 

Licenses can also be be added in your Microsoft Administration account.

New licenses are billed pro-rata on the subscription anniversary date.

Remove Licenses 

Users with Super Admin permissions can remove licences from within the Analytics 365 app. First unassign licenses from users within the app under Settings > People > Subscription. Once unassigned, select Edit Subscriptions to reduce your licences. Licenses can also be be removed in your Microsoft Administration account.

Licenses that have been cancelled are valid until the end of the billing period as payment has been made in advance.

Super Administrators cannot decrement licenses to less than one. The subscription to Analytics 365 can be cancelled by your Microsoft Administrator.

Video: Add and Remove Licenses

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