How to Provision New Customers

How to Provision New Customers

To Provision New Customers, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter customer details

  1. Enter customer's first name, last name, work email address and enter a sub-reseller name if applicable. (If you do not have any sub-resellers then leave this option on its default setting.)

Step 2: Select customer plan

  1. Select billing period: Annual or Monthly (this has no bearing on your free trial and can be changed if you choose to continue as a paid subscriber after your free trial ends).
  2. Select data location (where your customer's data will be stored).
  3. Select the number of licenses required by clicking the + or - icon.
  4. If a promo code applies, enter it in the field provided and click Apply.
  5. Click Next to continue.

Step 3: Connect Analytics 365 to the Microsoft account & grant app permission

Connecting Analytics 365 to the Microsoft account by Grant app permission via Microsoft 365 Administrator will allow Analytics 365 to synchronize with Teams data.
  1. Please enter the Microsoft account administrator ID. An email will be sent to this address to view permission details and grant access.
  2. A copy of these details can also be sent to an alternative email address.
Please ask the Microsoft 365 administrator to grant app permission as soon as they receive the notification email. Once permission has been granted the free trial period will begin. The app will now be accessible in Microsoft Teams and app settings can be managed.
Once the trial is activated, it will run for the full trial period. Only one trial is available per Microsoft 365 account. 
When the Microsoft 365 administrator grants access, Analytics 365 will access and synchronize the following information to simplify administration.
  1. Microsoft Active Directory: Analytics 365 will use this information to populate the People directory and identify the organizational relationships. It’s important that your Microsoft 365 hierarchy is current and accurate. 
  2. Microsoft Groups: Analytics 365 will import all Microsoft 365 Groups including Microsoft 365 Groups, Distribution Groups, Security Groups, and call queues where appropriate.
  3. Click Create Customer to complete the provisioning process.

Step 4: Enter customer billing details before the end of the free trial to continue their subscription

This step can be completed at any time before the free trial ends.
Before the free trial ends, you will be asked to enter billing details for customers for their subscription to Analytics 365 to continue. If billing details are not provided, all users will revert to the free Insights license and reporting will no longer be possible for users without a paid license. These users will continue to have access to the app's Demo mode.

Your customers are now ready to  Access Analytics 365 in Teams!

Video: How to Provision a New Customer

More about Licenses

The number of licenses requested on sign-up are available to allocate or reallocate during the free trial period.  

Your subscription is either managed directly, or it is managed by an authorized Analytics 365 reseller who you will need to contact to purchase more licenses. Additional licenses can also be added during the trial period. All members of an organization without an allocated license will be able to explore the app in Demo mode.

Read more about managing your licenses.

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