Grant App Permission via the Microsoft 365 Administrator

Grant App Permission via the Microsoft 365 Administrator

The Microsoft 365 administrator is sent an automatically-generated email during the sign up process, which details the name of the person that has subscribed and requests permission to collect usage information and sentiment from Microsoft Teams.
Analytics 365 provides access to analytics on Microsoft Teams in line with Microsoft 365 permissions, but does not display communication content within the app. Overall sentiment is automatically scored using analytics, but individual messages are not able to be seen by users.
The Microsoft 365 Administrator should follow 2 simple steps to activate the app:

STEP 1 : Permission needs to be granted to the app in order to synchronize with Microsoft 365.
You can choose which permissions to grant based on your organization’s data security policy; however, not granting permission will restrict the analytics displayed within Analytics 365. Permissions needed by Analytics 365:
  1. Organization. Check box to enable Analytics 365 to access basic user profiles in Microsoft 365. Future changes or movements within your organization will be synchronized with Analytics 365.
  2. Calls. Check box to permit Analytics 365 to provide analytics on call events made by licensed Analytics 365 users.
  3. Messages. Check box to permit Analytics 365 to provide analytics on messages sent by licensed Analytics 365 users. Please note: Analytics 365 does not store or report on actual message content.
  4. Meetings. Check box to permit Analytics 365 to provide analytics on meetings associated with licensed Analytics 365 users. 
Once selected, you will be redirected to Microsoft’s admin page to review and grant these permissions. Once synchronization with Analytics 365 is complete, reporting data can be viewed by users with reporting access. Synchronization will typically take 4-8 hours depending on the size of your organization and the availability of the Microsoft server.

STEP 2 : Once permission has been granted, licenses, admin and reporting access  can be managed from within the app. The Microsoft administrator also grants Super Admin access. We recommend that the Super Administrator has knowledge of Microsoft administration. This person will then be able to manage your licenses, admin and reporting access.

When your Microsoft 365 administrator grants access, Analytics 365 will access and synchronize the following information to simplify administration.
  1. Microsoft Active Directory: It’s important that your Microsoft 365 hierarchy is current and accurate. Analytics 365 will use this information to populate the People directory and identify the organizational relationships.
  1. Microsoft Groups: Analytics 365 will import all Microsoft 365 Groups including Microsoft 365 Groups, Distribution Groups, Security Groups, and call queues where appropriate.

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