Getting Started for Administrators

Getting Started for Administrators

Users with Admin access to Analytics 365 are members within an organization who have been granted Admin access by the Super Administrator. Administrators can manage the permissions for a subsection of the business. 
There will most likely be one Administrator per site or department.
Open Analytics 365 in Teams, and use the steps suggested below to get started.

Step 1: Check that you have admin permissions for your team

Open Settings, search for your name and click on the actions icon to review your permissions. In the profile window, you will see your Direct Reports (if you have any) and your My Reporting Network. These are the people whose Teams activity is visible in your reports.  In the permissions window, your reporting and admin access is displayed.

Check to see that you have admin access over the correct People, Teams, Groups and Call Queues. If you feel that some Teams or individuals who are important for you to have admin access to, contact your Super Administrator to extend your permissions.

Step 2: Set up reporting permissions for your team

In People Settings, search for the people your are managing permissions for and click on the actions tab to view their profile and manage their reporting access

The user's profile page will display the license type, their Direct Reports (if they have any) and their My Reporting Network. People listed in their My Reporting Network are those whose Teams activity is already visible in this users reports. Subscription licences can be managed on the profile page.

To manage reporting permissions, go to the Permissions tab and enable Reporting access. 

To provide team level reporting access, add Teams and Call Queues to their reporting access. To provide reporting access to an individual's Teams activity, add additional Teams or Groups to their My Reporting Network.

The video below provides a brief explanation of the licenses and how to allocate permissions. Click for a more detailed explanation of subscription licenses, admin and reporting access.

Video: Licenses and Permissions

Step 3: Set up your own access 

Set up your own reporting access, then refer to our how to start using Analytics 365 page to help you make the most of the App.

Refer to the online help!

Our knowledgebase is there to help you; simply search for a term or card name for further information. 

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