FAQs: Dashboards & Cards

FAQs: Dashboards & Cards

Why are some cards no longer available?

Some cards have been replaced by other improved cards as is indicated below:
  1. Call Summary / Communication by People: data is now within Call Summary by People.
  2. Call Trends: data is now within Collaboration Trends.
  3. Chat Comparison by People: data is now within Message Comparison.
  4. Chat Summary / Collaboration by Team: data is now within Collaboration Summary.
  5. Meeting Habits in Teams: data is now within Meeting Habits using filter by Team.
  6. Most Active People: a replacement for this card is on our roadmap for the Teams Calling License.
  7. Most Active Teams: data is now within Teams Governance card.
  8. Team Chat Insights: data is now within Team Engagement.
  9. Team Summary: data is now within Team Overview and Team Activity.
  10. Call Quality has been renamed Network Quality.
  11. Meeting Participation has been renamed Attendance at Scheduled Meetings.

Why do some cards on my dashboards look different?

Some existing cards may look different because we have made the following improvements:
  1. Message Comparison (previously called Chat Comparison) now provides analytics on messages to people outside the organization and messages have now been broken down by chat, posts, and replies.
  2. Collaboration Summary now includes analytics on Teams calls to outside the organization.
  3. Team Activity now includes analytics on Team Channels.
  4. Call Summary by People now includes call analytics on Teams calls made to internal and external parties.
  5. One-to-One Trends now presents collaboration activity in hours where messages are calculated as average of 5 seconds.

Why can't I see people in my team?

By default, in analytics 365 you can see your Direct Reports. If you can't see your Direct Reports, speak to your Microsoft administrator as your organisation's hierarchy may not be up to date within the Microsoft account.

If your Microsoft account is set up correctly and you still can't see your Direct Reports, please speak to your Analytics 365 administrator to check your permissions and license type. If you can't see the analytics on Teams or Channels that you are an owner or member of, ask your Analytics 365 administrator to check your permissions.

Why can I no longer see statistical data in my dashboard cards?

You will lose visibility of statistical data if there has been a change to your reporting access permissions re permissions have been revoked on a Call Queue, Team, group or on individuals.

Card data my also be incomplete if the licence of a user that you have been reporting on has been downgraded from Collaboration to Insights. When this occurs, statistical data is not being collected and a warning triangle will be displayed on the card.

Please contact your administrator to check access and licenses. 

What do I need to do to report on my call queues?

A call queue has people associated with it to answer calls in the queue. In order to report on the call queue, the individuals associated must have a paid subscription to the Collaboration Analytics license.

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