FAQs: Access & Set Up

FAQs: Access & Set Up


Which Microsoft License do I need to run Analytics 365?
Analytics 365 is available in Teams on any Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise license.

Can I access the Analytics 365 before my Microsoft Administrator has granted permission for the app to synchronize with Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Firstly download the Analytics 365 app in Teams. You will be given the option to explore Analytics 365 in Demo mode. Dashboards and cards in Demo Mode will be populated with sample data.

People in my organization are using Analytics 365? Can I access it too?
Yes. Firstly download the app in Teams. If you would like a license to view analytics for you and your team, please contact your administrator. 

To review the app using your organisation’s current subscription without adding your own collaboration license, please request ‘reporting access’ from your administrator, alongside access to view analytics on a selection of licensed users.

Alternatively, to review the functionality of Analytics 365, you can access the demo to review sample dashboards and cards. Simply access the app in Teams and click on the Demo link.

As an Analytics 365 certified reseller, can I have access to the app for demonstration purposes?

Yes. If you have an inhouse system, you can access demo mode from the View My Dashboards page. Dashboards and cards in demo mode will be populated with sample data. 

Set Up

How simple is it to set up a customer?
Analytics 365 synchronises with your Microsoft 365 account and customers can be set up in minutes. Once you have allocated licences in the store, all they need to do is enter their Microsoft Account Administrator details and download the app in Teams.

Can I share dashboard cards and dashboards with other people in my company?
Yes, you can simply click to copy an expiring URL link to any dashboard or card. The link can be shared with colleagues to view in a browser and will expire after 24 hours. Alternatively dashboards can be scheduled to email on a regular basis. It is not yet possible to share a dashboard template but dashboards are extremely easy to set up.

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