Administration Access

Administration Access

Analytics 365 has the following administration access roles available:
  1. Super Admin    
  2. Admin
  3. No admin access (None)
People in Analytics 365 settings are auto-learned from Microsoft 365 administration.
Profiles saved against people in Analytics 365 will not alter the company trading profile within Microsoft 365 administration.
A green tick or check mark for Reporting Access, Admin Access or Subscription, under People or Group settings, means that access is being managed by Group via Group Policy rather than by  Individual users.

Super Admin

A super administrator has full access to configuration of Analytics 365 including the ability to manage the allocation of licenses across their business. A Super Administrator has the highest level of permissions. There must always be a minimum of one Super Administrator per organization. 
We recommend that Super Administrators have an understanding of Microsoft 365 administration. We also recommend the number of Super Administrators is kept to a minimum. Depending on the size of the organisation, one Super Administrator per site or department.
In Settings, Super Administrators are able to manage access, permissions and working hour profiles across people and groups. The following permissions can be granted and status viewed:
  1. Grant (or remove) Super Admin and Admin access.
  2. Grant Reporting Access.
  3. Manage subscription licenses.
In People Settings, a list of individuals is auto-learned from Microsoft 365. By clicking on the edit icon in the Actions column against a user's name, Super Administrators are able to edit user settings to view their  profile  within Microsoft 365, including management structure and groups they are members of, the licenses and permissions  that are granted for Analytics 365 (which Teams and Group data can be viewed), and their  working hours  profile.

In the profile window, they can enable or disable whether a user's subscription license can be applied via Group Policy. 

In Group Settings, clicking on Members, permissions can be managed for individuals or all members in a group. Read more about how to manage permissions by group.
It is not possible to remove your own Super Admin status. Another Super Administrator must remove your Super Admin status on your behalf. 
Video: How to allocate additional Super Admin users

Working Hour Profiles 

Working hour profiles can be created, edited or deleted in Working Hour Profile Settings to apply to Analytics 365. On creating a profile, start and finish times can be specified for each day and a profile name allocated to that profile. Saved profiles appear in the dropdown list when editing individual people profiles. Where there is a long list of profiles, the search bar can be used to find a specific profile. The time zone is inherited from Microsoft 365.

API Token

APIs can be used to present Analytics 365 statistical data from published dashboard cards of paid subscribers in another application, such as Power BI. For more information go to APIs for sharing dashboards & cards


Admin access is granted by the Super Administrator. Administrators tend to be limited to a handful of people within an organisation to set permissions for a sub-section of users, typically for their People, Teams, Groups and Call Queues. Read more about reporting access  permissions.
We recommend the number of Administrators is kept to a minimum. Administrators should have a good understanding of their People and Teams. 
Video: Choosing additional Admin users

No Admin (None)

When administration access is set to none, no access to People, Group and Call Queue settings are available.

When reporting access is enabled, a Super Administrator or Administrator can define the users view of People, Teams, Groups and Call Queues allowing some data to be accessed in cards and dashboards.
We recommend administration access is set to none for most People in an organization.

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